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$700 Buy/trade a car

$500 sell a car

The Best money

you'll ever spend

Save $ On New or Used Vehicle Purchase

Fees - $ 700.00

Pay half to get me started and the other half upon satisfactory completion. Includes - New and used car price negotiation, trade negotiation. Interest rate negotiation.

Warranties, after market items including GAP.  

Services Include:

Car Selection assistance = 30 years of Automotive experience at your disposal.

Trade Value Negotiations, Analysis, Advice, on whether to trade or sell and the honest $$ difference.

Your Credit Status - FICO Analysis, explanation, advise on repairs if needed.

Lease -  Negotiated, explained, analysed, including money factor, residual value and incentives.

Lease Renewal = negotiated, explained, analysed

Early Lease End/ over miles - Analysed, explained, advised

Lease End - Analysed, explained, advised for potential charges and how to avoid them.

Cash, Finance, Lease - Negotiated, Explained, Advised

Warranties/Accessories/Aftermarket Items - Negotiated, analysed, explained, Advised including things like GAP insurance, Lease care, Extended Warranty ETC.

Access - While you are signing for your vehicle in the finance office at the dealership, you have access to someone to call in real-time with questions, advise or negotiation on something you decided you wanted.

Anywhere in the United States including Alaska and Hawaii

Out of state purchases/Lease/Finance/Cash - 

All Aspects Executed to include Shipping and documents.

Get More $ For Your Existing Vehicle

Fees - $500.00 

Pay half to get me started and the other half upon successful sale of current vehicle.


Services Include:

Maximizing the current value of your car.

I will advertise your vehicle on your behalf and field all calls/texts/emails until we identify the "Right" buyer, we will then put you in touch with said buyer, you will meet with them, and complete the transaction, again while having someone in real-time to answer any questions or concerns for things like title transfer or if the buyer wants to negotiate once they see it, which happens. 

Through this process our clients usually realize hundreds or even thousands in profit over what they were offered by Dealerships on a trade.

Seeking a vehicle ?
Speaking with a learnered Advisor MAKES all The difference!
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